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  • What are you looking for in a landscape design?
    What are you looking for in a landscape design? Entertaining space Extension of living space Low maintenance landscape High impact design that is colorful Be sure to determine your budget before speaking with a landscape professional.
  • How can a landscape professional help you?
    Landscape professionals do more than just installing a lawn and plant material. Landscape professionals do hardscaping – patios, decks, retaining walls and gazebos. They can assist with irrigation systems and landscape lighting. Landscape professionals can install water features and outdoor kitchens.
  • What ongoing maintenance is needed for my landscape?
    Ongoing maintenance is necessary in order to protect your investment. You can do it, or you can ask your landscape professional to do the work. Ongoing maintenance includes plant and bed maintenance, mowing, fertilizing, pest control and more.
  • What information is important to gather about a landscape professional?
    Before hiring a landscape professional, be sure to ask about the following: How long has the company been in business. Does the company provide a design plan and written contract. Can the company provide references. Can the company provide a portfolio. Is the company insured. Does the company have certified staff. Be sure to visit our “Why Hire A Professional” page for more details about hiring a landscape professional.
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